Hindu Spirituality

Mukul Shri Goel’s writings often highlight how Hindus search for God and derive lessons in spirituality from Hindu literature. Out of the numerous routes available to reach God, he is attracted to Bhakti Yoga, which aims at discovering ourselves by directing our love towards the Divine within. Mukul’s areas of interest include Hindu spirituality, philosophy (Vedanta), retelling traditional stories, yoga, culture, and Indian classical music.


Indian Philosophy and Spirituality

Contemporary Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) derives theoretical concepts mainly from the Bhagavad Gita, the Epics and Puranas, the Upanishads, and the teachings of the Bhakti Saints. In the midst of diverse philosophies and paths, including the devotional and the intellectual, our aim as spiritual seekers remains the same: to recognize the true relationship of our individual souls (jiva) with the Supreme Soul (Paramatma).

Classical Music
Vibrations from musical instruments and vocal cords are often offered to God in places of worship and homes. In the Bhakti traditions, devotees use music as a means to reach God by forgetting themselves as they sing hymns, mantras, and the names of their favorite form of the Lord. Similarly, the non-dualist worshipper of music forgets oneself in music to remember nothing but musical sound.

Hindu Culture
The Hindu way of life aims at developing a harmonious relationship with nature that involves worship, care, and comprehension. While Indian festivals celebrate the victory of goodness, which is nature’s higher mode, ahimsa and the worship of trees and rivers reflect concern for nature. While Ayurveda focuses on balancing the five elements of material nature in our body, Vedic Astrology is a window to partly glance at how Mother Nature ties all events together in her creation. All social interactions complement an individual soul’s search for the Divine when they are accompanied by his remembrance.

Devotional Hinduism: Spiritually Connecting to God

The Second Edition of Devotional Hinduism (2020) is out! It is titled Devotional Hinduism: Spiritually Connecting to God.

Mukul’s book touches the core of Hindu spirituality by presenting its devotional feel, which involves directly connecting to God through the surrender of the self. While exploring the spiritual choices that are available to practicing Hindus, the techniques for remembering the Personal God, and our relationship with Nature, Devotional Hinduism offers tips to college students and employees seeking to incorporate Hindu wisdom in their professional lives.

More information about the book is available on this page.