Bhakti Yoga and Hanuman

Bhakti yoga gets triggered as soon as we utter a name of God with a wish to reach him. By the continual remembrance of the Divine, every action in our life becomes a step towards realizing our eternal relationship with him. And the yoga concludes when nothing but God and his love (bhakti) fill our mind. At this point, jivas (individual souls) on Earth experience their relationship with God for some time and hand over their souls to God. But for Lord Hanuman, the conclusion of Bhakti Yoga triggers another cycle of bhakti.

After the completion of his divine plays on Earth, which are mentioned in the various Ramayanas, Hanuman could have solely opted for the company of Lord Rama (God) and could have left Earth. But he opted to stay on Earth forever so that we, the jivas (individual souls), may have continuous access to the name of Rama.

Lord Hanuman’s devotion is not about sitting in seclusion to chant Rama’s name. He never announces his renunciation, for he was never bound. Quite the opposite, he reaches out to the weakest beings to eliminate their pain and misery, protects the righteous, attends every gathering where Rama’s name is remembered, and becomes the link between Rama and his devotees. A characteristic feature of his dasya bhava (devotional mood to serve) for the Lord, as mentioned in the Hanuman Chalisa, is his keenness in working for Rama. Because Hanuman’s bhakti begins where the bhakti of a jiva ends, it can never be mimicked but can only be revered. However, we can learn from the paradigm he creates and add bits of selfless service in our own path of devotion.

Edited on May 19, 2019.

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  1. G.Kannan says:

    Hanuman's role in alleviating the miseries of the ordinary mortals is brought out in very simple words that anybody can understand unlike highly spiritual lectures by the learned experts that require efforts to understand. Request continue with more of such simple posts that ordinary people can follow. Thanks a lot,Sir.Adding you to my Friends list to read more posts. Grateful for enlightening me.

  2. M. Shri says:

    Thanks for your visit and comment. It has been my earnest desire to communicate Hindu thought in a form that is non-sectarian and easily accessible to the common person.

  3. Gopal.G says:

    Thanks for your spontaneous response.

  4. Child says:

    Namaste, Can you tell us about the role of Lord Hanuman in Mahabharata war. Lord Hanuman is on the 'dhwaja' of Arjuna's chariot..Thank you!

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