Reviews for this Blog

Online Christian Colleges, a prestigious review site, had ranked this blog among the 50 best spirituality blogs in 2010 (it was probably the only Hinduism blog on their list). The review said, “Readers of any religious affiliation can find something enlightening about [the writer’s] reflections and ruminations on Hinduism and the culture it influences [1].”

The blog used to be one of findingDulcinea’s three picks for the “Hindu blogs” category of their Hinduism Web Guide. Their Web Guide said, “Look for an emphasis on Hindu passages about Indian spirituality and Vedic culture, and their relation to daily life. As a musician, the author also frequently mentions music and its relationship to religion [2].”

Important Note: If you, for some reason, happen to find my blog’s old URL (and name) in the references given below, please note that the old URL no longer belongs to me (someone else registered the URL after its expiration) and clicking on it will not redirect you to my blog. The new URL for this blog is



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