Sattvic Food and Spiritual Growth

Please read my article titled, “Role of Sattvic Food in Spiritual Growth” in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2021 edition of Hinduism Today, arguably the best Hinduism magazine we have today.

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In the published version of the article, they left out my references for some reason…probably due to limited space. So I am including them below in this blog post.



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Renunciation by King Janaka

Once upon a time, Janaka, the king of Mithila, became disinterested in worldly affairs. After some serious contemplation, he informed his wife, ”I no longer feel interested in materialism. I am planning to hand over the crown to someone else and move to the forest.” His wife, the wise Sunaina Devi, took Janaka to the balcony of their palace and asked him to take a look at the people, standing in a queue near the base of the palace, who were obtaining free food from the royal kitchen.

Sunaina said, ”Renunciation is always a good idea. But the next king may not be as compassionate as you are. Your decision may hurtfully affect the lives of all the people who depend on your presence today. Besides, renunciation may have multiple variants. You may leave home and wander all around the world, searching for self-realization. Or you may choose to stay at home and renounce the whole world; your own desires and distractions may be blocking your spiritual growth, not your family and home.” Janaka chose to stay at home. With time, he became a seer himself, while successfully carrying out the responsibilities of a king. Janaka’s spiritual evolution set an example, for ages to come, around how human beings can finely harmonize virtues and duties with self-realization.

Understanding Oneness

If we are all connected to the same Divine, why do we appear to be different? Does Nature play a role in creating our differences? To find out, please read my new article in the Speaking Tree section of the Economic Times (July 27, 2020).

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Connecting to Lord Rama

Chanting Ramanama, the name of Rama, is a very simple and effective method to connect to Lord Rama (God). Sometimes, chanting Ramanama for a few minutes (with a devotional feel) is better than chanting for half an hour. In the beginning, there is no need to aim for long periods of time. Once interest develops and if our health permits, the duration of worship can be increased.

Reading, listening to pravachan (discourses), and listening to bhajans (devotional songs) are also forms of bhakti and complement chanting and praying to God very well. As for which books to study, we have to be very careful. Some books by today’s authors may be very nicely written but may totally lack spiritual connectivity; they may, in fact, disconnect us from God. Reading books by saints or devotional writers is a safe bet. My top suggestions are the Ramacharitamanasa and the Hanuman Chalisa.

Lord Hanuman, the top devotee of Lord Rama, likes connecting jivas (individual beings) to Rama — the Supreme God. Accordingly, Hanuman is the ultimate guru and savior for all devotees of Rama. We can request Lord Hanuman directly to guide us towards Lord Rama. We can just talk to Lord Hanuman as we would talk to a guru. Lord Hanuman and Lord Rama always listen to us.

Changes in my spiritual life

I am sharing my guest post from the White Hindu Blog at Patheos. The article is about my own spiritual life so far. Please check it out!

Changes in the spiritual life of a Hindu blogger

Workplace Spirituality: Selflessness

Most humans would like to select a career that fulfills their passion and also pays well. But what if you have a dream that does not align with big earnings? Should you still follow your dreams? Or should you select the job that pays more? To find out, please read my new article in the Speaking Tree section of the Economic Times (Mar 18, 2020).

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