Our perspective in spirituality, like any other thought, is formed by the ratio of the three modes of nature (sattva, rajas, and tamas) in our mind. A few sample responses that may engage spiritual aspirants are given below.

a devotional response

“The Divine can not be known by my weak mind, though he/she can sure be seen. I need a darshan of Rama/Shiva/Shakti, so that I can surrender my soul to him/her.”

an intellectual response

“Brahman can be known; I’ll know him one day. It does not matter if he has manifestations or incarnations; I’ll meditate on the Brahman who resides in my heart.”

a confused response

“My path is the right path to God. Fortunately, I have joined the only sect where people make it to him. xyz purana is the genuine scripture; the other seventeen puranas are later additions.”

another confused response

“Because our ancestors were naive, they started equating ancient kings like Shiva or Krishna to whatever God stands for. Scriptures and their stories hold no relevance, for they were just a means of explaining stuff to the less trained.”

Of course, we need to be cautious of the last two approaches.

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