God’s Grace

How can we connect to divine grace? To find out, please read my new article in the Speaking Tree section of the Economic Times (Nov 28, 2020).

Grace at the Workplace

At the workplace, divine grace is available around us. It is up to us, as seekers, to recognise this grace. God’s grace becomes available as guidance and blessings from mentors and managers, as guidance from technical literature and via saints and scriptures, as positive energy from lamps lit as invocation and through virtues like forgiveness and patience.

It is divine grace that protects us from all kinds of sufferings, brings us in contact with true and spiritual friends, gets reflected as selflessness in our work, and provides us with basics like food and other essentials.

Divine grace, in one of its highest forms, becomes bhakti, the basis of our spiritual connection to God. Once we experience bhakti, devotional love of God, peace and eternal happiness will follow.

God, who is all-pervading, can be remembered periodically even at our workplace by connecting to Him whenever we feel like. We can ask for protection from sufferings of body, mind and soul, for spiritual guidance, for blessing us with love and for our liberation.

We can share our thoughts and feelings for we will not be judged; we can only hope for more grace. Because divine grace is for everyone, multiple ways exist to access it.

While the devotional connect to grace is through surrender, the wise connect to it also through meditation, and the more active seekers access it through selflessness in their work. To them, work is worship.

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