Indian Classical Music

Vocal Music

Basic features of selected ragas

The Raga is a musical atmosphere – defined by a set of properties – that imparts a distinctive melodious sound to all the diverse compositions that are based on it. Read this page to find out which set of properties characterizes a raga.


Sargams (alankar) are ascending and descending sequences of notes in an easily repeatable pattern. Learn a few preliminary sargams (alankars) here.


What styles of vocal music are presented in a typical Hindustani music concert? Read this post to find out.


Percussion: Tabla

For beginners in Indian Percussion, some entries in this section may be helpful. Students of Tabla can refer to the thekas of selected rhythmic cycles on this page.

Teentaal (16 Beats):Theka and Kaida-1, Kaida-2, Uthan and Tihai, and Rela
Ektaal (12 Beats):Theka and Kaida
Jhaptaal (10 Beats):Kaida
Keharwa (8 Beats):Theka and Prakaars
Dadra (6 Beats):Theka, Prakaar, and Laggi
Roopak (7 Beats):Theka, Laggi, and Tihai
Deepchandi (14 Beats):Theka and Laggi



Indian Instrumental Music: A Connection to God

Classical Music becomes a spiritual path when we offer our music performance to the Divine or start recognizing the oneness in music and God.

Why would you follow your dreams in the 21st century?

Musicians may sometimes find their career less lucrative. Have these artists made a mistake in selecting their career? Read this article to find out what Indian spirituality has to say.

Accompanying a Vocalist on the Tabla

Students of Tabla can read this article to learn about the following three kinds of improvisation: the prakaar, the mukhda, and the tihai.


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