Lord Shiva: The Benevolent One

In his Vinay Patrika, Tulasidasa eulogizes Lord Shiva, the Lord of all, in a very distinctive tone. Basically, Lord Brahma, who authors everyone’s destiny, visits Shiva’s abode and offers his resignation to Goddess Parvati. He complaints that Shiva keeps playing with the karmic law to bestow boons upon His devotees. As a result of Shiva’s habit to grant, Brahma believes that he is forced to create heavens for individuals whose destiny does not allow delight for even a moment. Because Brahma cannot take it any more, he concludes, “Could you please authorize someone else to write destiny? I would rather live by alms.”

The unparalleled kindness of Lord Shiva is reiterated everywhere in the Epics and Puranas. In the Ramayana, in spite being Lord Rama’s Personal God and devotee as well, He grants boons to Ravana, who symbolizes evil. In the Mahabharata, while showering His love on Arjuna, who is struggling for being righteous, He does offer a boon to Jayadratha that is responsible for the demise of Arjuna’s son in the war. Numerous mythological events of this category echo why fathering the universe is difficult. Just because some of His kids could not turn out to be righteous, Shiva does not entirely turn down their prayers. Nonetheless, He always ensures the eventual victory of dharma through His manifestation as Vishnu.

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