Markandeya meets Baby Krishna

Rishi Markandeya is known to maintain his identity even after the world’s dissolution; he gets to meditate on the Supreme Soul when there is no one else around. According to the Mahabharata, once Yudhisthira asked the rishi, “There is nothing in the universe that you do not know. Could you please tell us something about the cause of this universe?”

Markandeya started sharing his experience, “After a thousand cycles of the four yugas go by, a day of Lord Brahma is completed, and it is time for the world to dissolve (pralaya) so that Brahma can get some rest. It rains for years, the mountains submerge, and Brahma recalls the atmosphere.”

“Once, when I was wandering in the ocean of dissolution and felt weary, I saw a beautiful baby on a tree, who gracefully offered me some rest in his stomach. I entered his mouth and saw the entire creation inside his never-ending body. When I exited his mouth after a hundred year-long journey, the baby asked me if I had taken enough rest. I touched his lotus-like, pink-soled feet with my head and asked him why he was situated on the tree and how long he would be staying there. The baby told me that the water is one of his permanent abodes and this is why he is known as Narayana. He said that he would be living on the tree as a baby until Brahma wakes up.”

Markandeya continued, “Your cousin, Krishna, is the same Supreme Soul I had met that day. Krishna, the refuge of all, the creator and sustainer of the universe, is achintya (beyond thought), though he appears perceptible to us because of his divine plays.”

Happy Janmashtami!

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