I have been hesitant about studying Rama’s astrology chart. It may be somewhat impolite for jivas like me to draw the Divine’s chart when we don’t even know what Nature has inscribed for us in our own destinies. But I feel it is okay to take a peek at his fully-auspicious ascendant while ignoring the problematic planetary influences in the chart. Rama has a Karka rising with Jupiter and Moon in it.

Moon: the distinguished planet of the chart
Many of us have learned that the Sun is Rama’s strongest planet. This makes sense; his Sun is expected to be stronger than the Sun of all other beings, including incarnations, for he is remembered as the gem of the solar dynasty and the best ruler the world has ever witnessed [1]. But surprisingly, Rama’s Moon is no less. Because the Moon is the final dispositor of Rama’s chart, it can fairly be labeled as the chart’s distinguished planet [2]. How can we interpret this? For the bhaktas who won his affection (vatsalya) and darshan, Rama was almost as affectionate as the Mother Goddess [3].

Jupiter: the most beneficial planet
Rama’s Jupiter is ideal. It is exalted, forms a hamsa yoga in the lagna, and is conjunct an own-house Moon to form the strongest gajakesari yoga mathematically possible. Being the bhagyesh, Jupiter’s yuti with the Moon transfers auspiciousness and righteousness from the ninth house to the lagnesh (and that too, in the first house) and indirectly powers other yogas like chandra-mangal and guru-mangal. This Jupiter is the most beneficial planet in Rama’s chart. A possible interpretation? All the biggest saints and rishis, including Rama’s own guru Vasistha, had waited for ages to meet Rama and provide him with their blessings. Moreover, Rama, comparable only to Shiva, is the biggest guru to have ever visited Earth…the one who guided us through his persona.

[1] If astrology works, planetary placements would only agree with Rama’s worldly divine plays; his transcendental attributes and position as the sole ruler of the universe is not to be deciphered in a horoscope.
[2] Though the “final dispositor” is a term more popular in Western astrology, it is used by Vedic astrologers as well.
[3] Moon relates to the mother, calmness, and peace in astrology.

Happy Diwali to everyone!


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