Spiritual Houses in a Vedic Astrological Chart

In a Vedic horoscope, the houses (and signs) of the dharma trine (trikona) and the moksha trine stand for spirituality and religion. While the signs numbered 5 and 9 signify dharma, the signs of the zodiac numbered 4, 8, and 12 represent our attraction to liberation. Because every house or sign of the natural zodiac has a distinct meaning, it is supposed to impart its characteristic flavor to how we approach spirituality – what spirituality means to us.

If our spirituality involves an emotional relationship or the love of God along with creative inspirations, we are talking about the fifth house or Leo (simha)-type spirituality. If we prefer righteousness, the traditional paths, and tutelage under a guru, it represents the ninth house or Sagittarius (dhanu)-flavored approach. If our faith is about seeking happiness, finding peace in the world, or caring for humanity, it is a fourth house or Cancer (karka)-type instinct. Similarly, if our approach involves logical investigation (research), a desire for divine powers (siddhi), or engagement in occult as we transform, it represents the spirituality of the eighth house (scorpio-type; vrischika). And when we aspire to become a renunciate meditating calmly in the Himalayas, we are talking about the twelfth house or Pisces (meena)-type spirituality.

As one may guess, the spiritual flavors of Sagittarius and Pisces, when positively activated, are the most potent as they are the concluding signs of the dharma and moksha trines, respectively, and are both lorded by Jupiter, who represents the blessings of the guru.

During a holistic look at the interactions between the planets, signs, houses, significators, and the harmonic charts, professionals use the abovementioned astrological flavors (and many more) to predict which spiritual path is predominant in a chart.

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