Tabla: Ektaal

Ektaal, a rhythmic cycle of 12 beats, is well-known in Indian classical music. It has become somewhat exclusive for khayal, Hindustani intrumental music, and solo tabla. A good majority of vilambit khayals have been composed in ektaal.

Given below is the theka, the basic definition of ektaal. The taal has six equally spaced internal divisions. This means that a pulse can be felt after every two beats. The major pulse (sam) occurs after every 12 beats and the minor pulses at the third and the seventh beats are khali.

(Please click and scale the image to 100%)

Ektaal theka for the Tabla

Given below is a kayda in ektaal along with some paltas. (Remember that TaGe is to be played as TaKe.)

Ektaal kaida for Tabla

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