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Markandeya meets Baby Krishna

Mirabai: Holi with Krishna

From the Mahabharata: The rejection of Lord Krishna’s peace proposal

What was Arjuna doing in the Mahabharata war?

Krishna’s last lesson for Arjuna

When Krishna accepted Sudama’s rice


Ganesha and Hanuman

What did Ganesha teach about Shiva bhakti?

Hanuman Chalisa: Translation in English

Hanuman’s Early Education

Ganesha: His Eight Names

Lord Ganesha: Our savior from obstacles

Bhakti Yoga and Hanuman

Lord Ganesh: The Absolute Reality

Why did Ved Vyas request Lord Ganesha to transcribe his Mahabharata?

Is faith in Rama a precondition for adoring Lord Hanuman?



The three primary incarnations of Shakti

Navaratri: Remembering Mother Durga

Mother Durga: The Ocean of Grace

Saraswati’s grace on Hinduism

Sita: Goddess beyond Nature

Gayatri Mantra: A Request for Inspiration

Are we preparing for bigger blessings from Goddess Shakti?

Goddess Kali: The One beyond thought



Shiva: The beautiful one

Yogavasistha: Tandava and the dissolution

Devi Parvati’s dedication for Shiva

Sati and Shiva

Shiva as Rameshwaram: Guidance for Hanuman

From the Shiva Purana: Shiva’s Grace

Lord Shiva: The Benevolent One



The Matsya Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s first visit to earth

Kurma Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s second visit to earth

Varaha Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s third incarnation

The Narasimha Avatar: Lord Vishnu’s Fourth Incarnation

Vamana Avatar: Vishnu’s Fifth Incarnation

Parasurama: The Sixth Incarnation of Vishnu

Rama: Vishnu’s Seventh Incarnation

Krishna: The Eighth Incarnation of Vishnu

Buddha: The ninth incarnation of Vishnu

Kalki: The tenth incarnation of Vishnu

Lord Brahma’s first experience with meditation



In a temple: Rituals vs. Devotion

Hinduism: Main beliefs

The Karmic Law Quiz

Different Perspectives

Forms of God

River Ganges: Vishnu’s blessings

Cows, India, and Compassion


Asteya: Non-stealing

Non-violence: Ahimsa


Can humans claim to be incarnations of God?

The departure of Bhakti Saints

Caste, varna, and our aspiration


Mahabharata: Karna and his friendship

Does ego block learning?

Learning about Hinduism

Pipal: The celebrated Hindu tree

The Bhakti Movement: Who organized it?

What does Hinduism expect from an Ideal Advisor?

Namaste: Is this Indian greeting still relevant?

Agriculture in India: Role of an Incarnation

Mahabharata: Ved Vyas’s grand miracle

Defeating corruption



Karma Yoga

Shukadeva: Shiva’s grace on Vyasa

Vishistadvaita: What does “knowledge” mean?

From the Yogavasistha: How old is Bhushandi?

Yoga: What is Antahkarana?

Workplace Spirituality: Remembrance

Kabirdas: Where to find God

Is the world illusory?

Realization: Role of Effort

Siddhis from Yoga

Our real guru

Bhakti and the three gunas of nature

Jivanmukta: Selected Characteristics

Mahatma Gandhi and Karma Yoga

Katha Upanishad: Does our self really need divine grace?

Moksha: Liberation in Hinduism

Brahman-rishi Vasistha as Lord Rama’s guru

Selecting an ideal birthday gift: Guidance from the Gita

Do we have to renounce wealth to enroll in spirituality?

Tips from the Gita: God-remembrance is not a hideout from karma

Parenting with Truth: The legend of Vishnu-devotee Prahlada

Dussehra Special: Lord Rama’s Chariot



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Temples and Festivals

Guru Purnima

Vasant Panchami: Remembering Saraswati

Diwali: Worshipping Lakshmi

Dussehra: The subjugation of tamas

Janmashtami: The birthday of Krishna and Yogamaya

Makar Sankranti: Celebrating good karma

How Barbareek became Khatu Shyamji

Shiva as Somnath

Deepavali: A celebration of Darshan

Raksha Bandhan Special: Does the Hindu trinity celebrate this festival?

Rama Navami Special: Remembering the name of Lord Rama

Maha Shivaratri Special: Lord Shiva’s Ancestry

Diwali Special: Making our wish list

Navaratri: Acknowledging Energy

Holi: Celebration vs. Renunciation


Vedic Astrology

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