Diwali Special: Making our wish list

Tomorrow is Diwali, the festival of lights, celebrated on the Amavasya of the lunar month Kartika. In the midst of all the lighting, fireworks, get-togethers, and the distribution of sweets, Lakshmi-puja will be the chief event of the evening. Whether we offer flowers, sweets, food, incense or light, some wishes may be present in our minds as we remember the Goddess on this occasion. While we can always make minor changes to our wish list later, what we pray for may sum up all the hopes we have accumulated for the coming New Year.

Just as a reminder, our wish list does not have to be entirely focused on stuff money can buy. How about including some instincts for goodness, some knowledge, some truthful fellow beings to interact with, some love in life, and some desires for ‘letting go’? And remember, She can always bestow upon us the most precious gift that exists: firm faith in Her spouse, Lord Vishnu.

However, if you opt for material wishes alone, don’t forget to get auspiciousness (read righteousness) linked with them. Vedic Astrology can also throw some insight on which areas of life have been traditionally linked with Goddess Lakshmi. Contrary to what one may expect, the areas associated with Lakshmi in the horoscope are not the artha houses, signifying wealth, employment and profession, but the dharma houses (fifth and ninth) which stand for areas like intellect, creativity, expression, luck, planning, higher learning and spirituality. Along these lines, from this day, we can make a resolution to label all sattvic inspirations in our life as ‘luck’. Starting the puja with remembrance of Lord Ganesha may ensure that the right words flow from our mind and mouth as we put our wish list before the Mother on the most auspicious Hindu festival.

Happy Diwali !