The body-mind-soul in a Vedic Astrological Chart

The Lagna (ascendant) is the heart of our physical life and the placement of planets with respect to it is used by astrologers to analyze the energies influencing our body (appearance) and our visible personality. The moon, the significator of the mind, is the focal point of mental level experiences, including our instincts and emotional nature, while the sun represents our soul (ego) – our spiritual or the inner world.

The concept of Sudarshana Chakra by Parashara prescribes a close look at all the three viewpoints for a holistic chart analysis. This chakra is sketched by aligning the ascendant-sign (or lagna kundali), the moon-sign (or chandra-kundali) and the sun-sign (or surya-kundali) with each other in concentric circles so that planetary placements from all the three reference points may be simultaneously studied. Because our life is an aggregate of influences at all the three levels, an area of life (a house), say creativity, may stand activated if the fifth house from the moon or from the sun sees beneficial influences even as the fifth house from the lagna is relatively weak.

Normally, most significance in predictive astrology is given to the Lagna, for our questions are mostly directed towards the physical plane and the ascendant changes frequently enough to label the lagna-kundali ‘unique’ for an individual in a small neighborhood. Next in popularity is the chandra-kundali, which may be used to learn what we enjoy, how we relate to sorrow and peace, and which planetary flavors support or harmonize our thinking processes. Least focused is the relative placement of planets from the sun, which may illustrate our self-improvement plans, alignment with universal dharma, and whether our aptitude actually helps our self-growth.

While emotions and attachments reside in the mind, not the soul, certain beneficial classical combinations of planets involving the sun have also been correlated with money-oriented expansions in life to make chart analysis multidimensional and a little puzzling. Is it possible for many of these beneficial encouragements to direct our soul into selfish endeavors if we allow emotional attachments to the areas they feature? On the other hand, does a deeper focus on self-improvement harness the higher blessings of the sun-chart to even overcome the materialistic negativities in the ascendant-chart or the moon-chart? I guess only our personal experiences can answer these questions.

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