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The Second Edition of Devotional Hinduism (2020) is out! It is titled Devotional Hinduism: Spiritually Connecting to God.

My book directly touches the core of Hindu spirituality by presenting its devotional feel. The book presents how typical Hindus approach God and aspire to incorporate love and surrender in their lives. Because the book does more than giving an overview, I would call it a reader’s second book on Hinduism, even though readers can easily access it without any familiarity with Hindu principles.

While introducing the reader to the timeless wisdom that is used for connecting to God, Devotional Hinduism presents selected Hindu customs and practices, and it guides the reader about the popular spiritual choices available in Hindu thought. The book shows how the unique spiritual paradigms of believers affect their behavior and perception of the world.

The book is divided into eight chapters. The first three chapters focus on the approach of a spiritual beginner who is setting the stage for first time God remembrance and is in the process of understanding the options that are available to him or her. The next three chapters focus on how surrender can be developed through two main paths: the yoga of selfless action (Karma yoga) and the yoga of selfless love (Bhakti Yoga). These chapters involve the expedition, where the seeker brings surrender and love in one’s own life while continually monitoring his or her spiritual progress. The last two chapters provide a picture of what spiritual knowledge is about, and how our higher spiritual insight molds our interactions with society.

Readers in India can buy a paperback copy from Flipkart or Amazon INDIA. A Kindle eBook is available at

Readers outside India can buy a paperback copy from Amazon US. A Kindle eBook is available at

If you already have the First Edition, titled Devotional Hinduism: Creating Impressions for God (2008), there is no need to buy the new edition; the second edition does not involve a major change in content.

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